From the north west of Wakayama, I went down to the mountains in the south east. Specifically, Kudoyama 九度山 mountain.

Nice cool weather in the heat of summer! Also my first ryokan experience, though this was a local ryokan, not the luxury all-meals thrown in type. And, by sheer luck, I was the only guest there for most of my stay, so I think I actually got a larger room (they combined two) – i.e. one for sleeping, and a sitting room where I had a TV and table for meals. Plus, a very nice old housekeeper lady who made fantastic breakfasts!

Check out the room!

Check out the room!


But anyway, the main purpose for this part was to do more hiking through the mountains, and to enjoy the cool(er) weather.

And of course, I had to visit Mt Koya (高野山) , home of the world heritage site (Jisonin Temple), and plenty of other small temples. Nice and restful if you ask me. Reminds me of Gryon in the Swiss alps,  just the cool weather thanks to the altitude, and the friendly people.

Of course, there was another stretch of the Philosopher’s path here, so I had to do that as well. But this time I kinda had company – a shinto nun was making the same trek it seems, and we would pass each other when we took breaks. With my limited Japanese I could just say I was a tourist on a hike, but unfortunately couldn’t quite make out if she was doing a pilgrimage or not. *shrugs*

And I have to mention the very interesting Soba place where I had my last dinner.

It specialises in Soba, so even the appetiser is Soba! Think I went there just before the dinner crowd came in, so I had pretty much the place to myself. Needless to say, the food was fantastic! They did ask if I would like more of anything else after I was done, but I honestly was too full to try for seconds. =)

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