All Sung Out


I don’t normally post photos of myself; it’s just never been my style.

Though, then again neither have I been one to go up on stage to sing to a crowd, and we did just that this last weekend, after two days of intensive vocal training at Hark Music Studio.

My biggest takeaway? That it’s really really enjoyable, and that when the moment comes, you need to just say f-it, and give it your all – even if you slip up halfway through.

Still, it’s nice to really properly learn what it should feel like to be singing with the right mechanics, so kudos to all three instructors for teaching us as much as they did in the short time.

I like to think I’ve made some new friends along the way too, so hopefully we do end up keeping in touch. It will definitely be good to have a group of friends you can just meet up with and sing your hearts out together to – without having to feel self-conscious at all.

I just need to really get over myself and put it all into my singing next time. I must say though, this 2-day boot camp was really intense! I seriously was wiped out by the end of the second day, and that’s just from singing! (And memorising lyrics that I thought I already had down but still managed to find ways to elude me when put to the test.)


Can I afford to take on yet another class this year in terms of time and $$$ ?

Hmm…. Let’s see…

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