Land of crazy shopping malls! (which are pretty much all linked by underpasses which are in themselves malls too) And also perhaps the biggest fireworks display I’ve ever seen, but overall if you’re an otaku, gamer or just a manga/anime fan, this is the place to be. Plenty of camera stores, and plenty of food. The Floating Garden Observatory at the Umeda Sky Building is worth a look t00. Especially if it’s a clear evening. You’ll get a great view and a fabulous sunset. Was a little foggy when I went up, but I couldn’t complain I guess. 

I also happened to be in Osaka in time for the big fireworks festival for Obon, and it certainly was a sight to behold. Think close to 45 minutes of fireworks? Maybe longer? And these were some complex fireworks, with each burst lasting longer than the last! I think they shut the streets for the crowd maybe, but given the amount of people there, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising.

All in, worth the squeeze, but I’d pack a picnic basket with lots of drinks and snacks if I ever went again.

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