And here we are… a fresh slate and a new space.

Blog posts will probably not always make sense, but I thought I’d start this one off from the beginning. You see, I popped by Marine Parade yesterday, (as I tend to do when I’m in the area and have the time to) and I couldn’t help walking through the “spots” of our childhood.

The memories of our “youth”?


That up there by the way, is the unit I grew up in. Pretty sure it’s vastly different inside now, but the rest of the surroundings have remained largely unchanged.  See that wall sticking out on the right? That’s a new lift landing that didn’t used to be there. The lift goes to every floor now with the new scheme, but it also means the unblocked view we used to get from this floor is gone. No more open vista of the highway, the beach, and beyond that, the sea.

Call it the casualties of progress?

New age playgrounds with no sand

New age playgrounds with no sand

Some twenty plus years ago this used to be the playground I ran to after kindergarden (preschool for the rest of you), just that it used to be sand that filled the pits, not foam. Of course, the design was completely different, and there was a lot more wood and concrete. Plus suspended tires to swing – and spin – from. And I remember the roofs used to be higher, though that could be just a case of me being a lot shorter. In any case, this is where I first learnt to swing – without knowing how to stop and get off.

I’ll tell you what though, when you’re 5 years old and you’ve got a swing going full speed and you don’t think to let it slow to a stop, that’s a mighty high drop. *laughs*

I guess we all learn somehow eh? More snaps below…