Crazy Four – Linda Lee



Editor’s note: I first met Linda way back in 2009 off a photography/modelling forum, when I was searching for people to work with. I honestly was quite surprised at the enthusiasm that she brought then, and now I think I can safely say we’ve become friends.

How did we meet?

It was in 2009 when I first chanced upon the thought of photography modelling. I then wondered how it is like to have a shoot with another model, instead of the usual spotlight on me. You did my first –and only.

What’s your Chosen creative pursuit, and how did you get into it?

A shame really, but I have never pursued any of my creative interests like how most admirable people do. My creative pursuits… they appear in thoughts, and soon enough, things just started falling into place of realising it –More out of an impromptu outlet than a specific goal that I have set.

I enjoy writing: Haikus; putting emotions and personal discovery in words.

Modelling… I derive satisfaction in acting, and I settled with photography modelling as it is frequently more feasible a project to make a pastime of.

Handicraft, painting, and sketching… Let ‘s just say: One of my personal best pieces has got to be from this particular wee hours of the morning when I was having some wine to myself –Soon before I know it, I produced, a painting out of sumi ink and rice paper. I have never been exposed to this form of art, and it amazes me how not knowing could often time shred better results than that from a conformed knowledge. 

The very act of allowing my soul the freedom to be in control while I watch with anticipation on what could come out of it. Most importantly, this state of being where I get so absorbed that the world melts away, and it is just me and that moment, merged as one.

That sounds like meditation! A different genre of “creative pursuit” that I am on.

What’s your favourite part of the entire process?

Process: Conceptualization, Execution, Results.
I would say, Execution, where a thought is transformed to reality.

And the hardest part?

The sudden injection of self-consciousness which breaks my momentum of letting go and just be. I find it a challenge when the narrative voice of the control-loving mind makes an appearance.

What’s been your most challenging photo shoot so far? What was so challenging about it, and what did you take back from it?

The first that comes to mind now is this editorial coverage that I have been engaged for. A team of a writer and a photographer of a Hong Kong magazine were in Singapore for a local feature.

One of the shoots was for me to be on a fast-speed cable ski on water; Water then, has always caused much fear in me. I could still recall how at that moment, I cast my being aside and took on a persona to focus on the task at hand. I pushed fear away, and refused its existence –Fear disappeared.

I was taken aback upon the succession of the shoot.

I have discovered then, that fear is only another word for the unknown.

What inspires you, and where does that inspiration lead you?

Can I say, a combination of alcohol, quiet wee-hours, and an abundance of energy? I am still on the lookout for something fixed and attainable at a finger’s snap. Oh, and I like being rubbed on by people’s passion and creativity –from actual items, and books, to ideals shared.

When you write, what runs through your mind?

A concoction of emotions, and a dictionary of words to best convert those emotions to written form.

When you’re posing for pictures, how do you get yourself into character? And what goes through your mind when you’re posing for a particular set of photographs?

I put myself in the shoes of the character and visualise a set of mood that best suits it –Accompanying music is a great aid for me too. I then forget about my very being, jump straight into character while being in this state of nothingness. Blank, my mind leaves with my self as the character takes over.

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