Creative collab: Saraphina

The very first Crazy Ones project is in!

For my project with Saraphina, we settled on coming up with pictures to the theme of water. The idea being that we’d each go take pictures of water and come back with our five best images, then separately combine them later on.

You can see the contrast in the images and how they quite reflect our separate surroundings. My images were all mostly from urban surroundings and so I was focusing on just water itself – rain drops on windows, a single drop from a tap, a man-made fountain. (And I just realised I actually put 6 in instead of 5.. lol)

Saraphina on the other hand, obviously hit out to the great outdoors with her images of water in nature. Ponds, lakes, the sea…

The interesting thing is we ended up using the same base image. Though I do think Saraphina’s execution is a bit more refined. And there you have it , the very first crazy collab!

Here’s Saraphina’s piece:


And here’s mine:


And if anyone’s interested to see the individual pics more, here’s what we started with:

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