Nothing like a good print…

Slowly filling up all the space... Slowly filling up all the space…

There’s nothing like having your pictures printed. BIG. haha… It’s just different having something to look at on your wall or in your hands as opposed to something on the screen.

That said though, I’m now finding I’ll soon run out of space if I keep printing this size!

Anyway, it’s all good. We’ll work it out when it happens, but it’s a happy problem. Means I’ll have been shooting more and making more images I actually want to print.

Which is always a good thing. I think what’s next to come should to do some product stuff. My watches for one thing.

Then.. maybe my hats? Haha.. Whatever I can get my hands on!

Quite glad I managed to get the Leaf back sorted out though. Now to just put it in play!