Creative collab: Summertime Sadness

How often do you find yourself getting up at the break of dawn?

It was an idea started by Linda, our model for the session and she wanted to do something along the lines of a femme fatale, so I did some scouting and found a suitable spot. Well, collection of spots.

We wanted either sunrise or sunset colours, so ended up settling on doing it on a early weekend morning so that we could go crash and recover after. So essentially , Cat started on make-up around 1130~midnight, we got to the location around 230am or so.. and worked all the way through to 930 am..

Tiring yes, but it’s all good when you’re having fun working with like-minded people. The one thing I wish I’d scoped out better was the proper position of the sun. You see, I’d got an open area by the beach that was facing the proper direction, but there was too much in the horizon for us to actually get the sun in the shot.

At least we still got the colours of daybreak though!

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