The End of the World…

Ok… trying this again because my image gallery crashed WordPress (apparently).

Anyways, this is one test shoot where I actually like the pictures as is, so minimal retouching – mostly just digital processing (i.e. development).

The biggest challenge was simply working against time.. and trying to slightly alter the perception of time in the shot using my lights to overpower the ambient light for morning, and then again to work as a main light when it got dark.

This also turned out to be a pretty expensive shoot because my huge reflector panel took out my lens and camera (sent it crashing with my 24-70 attached), and my laptop (which I was shooting tethered to) went crashing when I tripped over my cable!

Ah well… Still pretty fun though, and I do like the results.

Overall, I’d say this was a very good shoot – conceived over two weeks, shot over one long day (about 6 hours), and pulled together with just a team of three.

Model: Linda Lee

Hair/Make-up: Cat Tan


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