Himeiji and Kyoto

Ok, I’m gonna be a little lazy and throw you links to check out here. ¬†Simply because I covered two of the next places in my other blog and I don’t see the sense in repeating myself here. First, check out my tea ceremony experience in kyoto here.¬†One of the most interesting experiences that definitely left an impression. I’d set a couple of days in Kyoto, and so took up a room in a local ryokan. This is not one of those luxury ryokans that pamper you to the nines and cost and arm and a leg, but rather a traditional room in a Japanese style home. Nicely upkept, and run by a sprightly old lady. (whose name I regrettably forget.) You get a Yukata to wear while in the ryokan, and of course, there is a traditional Japanese bath, and Japanese breakfast provided. Very good food! One thing to check out in Kyoto though, is the Manga museum.

It literally houses thousands of old manga from pretty much the start of all manga … and you are welcome to read any of the books in the collection, so long as you return them before you leave. My kinda place; if only I knew more Kanji! Still, overall a most interesting experience – about the size of our art museum I think, but dedicated to Manga! Semi wish I could have had the time to rent a bike to cycle around (seems like a thing to do there), or to travel out more. (I’m definitely going back to the Inari shrine that I missed one day!), but at least I was lucky enough to catch the Gozan no Okuribi while I was there. And I made two friends in the process! Taki-san and Yuji-san. Must admit I probably only caught about 60% of what they were saying given my crappy Japanese, but hey – it’s a start. Lol. Gonna throw you out to another link about Himeiji here. That was my one day trip out from Kyoto, and I definitely think it was well worth it. Cheap used records, and a cool cafe!

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Nearly forgot to mention another Kyoto side-trip – Kibune. Supposedly famous for the restaurants suspended over the cool river. It’s quite a lovely place in terms of the scenery and surrounds, and you can see why it would make a great day out with the mountain springs and all, but not all the restaurants are open to solo diners, and well, they’re a little on the pricey side. I did end up eating at one of the restaurants there (and so got my floating platform dining experience), but it was honestly too crowded for comfort so I’d recommend going early if you intend to check it out.